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Learn the causes and fix Brother printer cannot detect ink

Brother is a reputed brand that manufactures printing devices for personal and professional use. It has various features that provide convenience to the users but there is no doubt that while using Brother printers, the users may face technical glitches.

The solution to all the Brother printer problems lies in the hands of trained professionals. And therefore, we have introduced a small yet informative section that might help you overcome the issues as and when you face them.

Users have been noticed to report a simple but frequent issue- the “Brother Printer Cannot Detect Ink” issue. This technical obstacle is faced by tons of people while they attempt to install a new ink cartridge.

One of the major reasons behind the occurrence of this error is that the retailers sell generic cartridges with outdated microchips. And that is why it is recommended to buy generic ink from a reputed dealer only.

There are many reasons why people come across such an issue with their Brother Printers, which you will get to know when you go through this entire read along with the resolutions that we think would help.

Understand the Brother Printer Cannot Detect Ink issue

Here, in this part of the read, we thought of helping you with understanding the causes behind the issue that your printer may or may not be experiencing- the “Brother printer cannot detect ink” issue:

  • Required internal memory reset
  • The printer is unable to read the chip data for damaged contacts
  • Protective strips are not removed properly
  • Brother Cartridge Protection has been enabled

Now, let us help you get into a few details about the causes that we’ve mentioned above:

  • Required internal memory reset-Usually, the printers automatically detect a new cartridge and reset its internal memory to ensure that the ink and toner levels are accurate after installation. But sometimes the printer fails to perform this procedure which leads to showing an error message reading “No Cartridge is installed”.
  • Printer is unable to read the chip data for damaged contacts-The new ink cartridge has many contacts/links that connect to the similar metal contacts in your printer which leads them to communicate. But dirt on the contacts/links inside the printer can interrupt it from reading the information on the chip.
  • Protective strips are not removed properly:In case, the users haven’t removed the protective covers or strips that are attached to the new ink cartridges post-unpacking the product. Because of these protective strips, the printer might not be able to detect the ink cartridge and this will lead to further errors. To solve this basic problem, users need to remove all the strips, plastic covers, or tabs so that, the ink cartridges get installed properly.
  • Brother Cartridge Protection has been enabled-While updating the firmware, it is important to disable the Cartridge protection. The device might no longer detect other cartridges and might also stop some of the other functions from working because of the service feature.

Resolution to the “Brother Printer Cannot Detect Ink” issue

Here, we have prepared a small section of the resolution procedure that we suggest you undergo to fix the issue:

  1. Firstly, users need to remove the new cartridges and remove the old ink cartridges, and then wait for at least 10 minutes
  2. After waiting, replace the old cartridge with the new cartridge again. Most of the time this procedure fixes the issue. However, if you are still encountering it then we suggest you move further to the next step
  3. Remove the new cartridge and please ensure to keep it in a clean and safe place away from everyone where the cartridge won’t get damaged followed by turning off the Brother printer with the power button
  4. Unplug the printer from the electricity socket and leave the printer that way or in the same condition for 10 more minutes
  5. Plug the printer back again but do not press the power button just yet and move on to insert the new ink cartridge, and then press the power button

Note: That’s all you need to do but if you still cannot overcome the “Brother printer cannot detect ink” problem, you need to get connected with the official Brother Printer Support by the brand.

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In the detailed read above, we have discussed the causes that lead users to encounter an issue while using their Brother Printers. However, we would suggest you to read this full data piece and follow all the necessary steps to troubleshoot the “Brother printer cannot detect ink” problem. We live in a technical world and there are many cases when devices stop working suddenly, so it’s better to take good care of them and just in case, these issues occur then you are highly recommended to contact the customer support team by the brand to get professional assistance.

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