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How to Download and Install HP Printer Assistant?

HP Printer provides a utility software with the HP Printer that is known as HP Printer assistant. This assistant software helps you to keep the printer drivers up to date, free from viruses, and other fixes other printer-related problems. You can easily get this app by visiting the HP Printer support page. But in case you are not familiar with the HP Printer assistant downloading and installation process then you may face trouble. However, for your help, we are going to discuss the way to download and install the HP assistant on your Windows 10 computer and Mac on this page. With no more delay let’s move forward discussing the HP Printer assistant setup process on your device.

HP Printer Assistant

HP Printer Assistant Features

HP Printer helps you to perform printer-related tasks easily and quickly. A few of the most prominent features of the HP Printer assistant are like:

  • It helps to install printer drivers
  • Scans photos and documents
  • Keeps the printer software up to date
  • Alerts about issues with your printer
  • Help you to troubleshoot printing related problems

HP Printer assistant software free download

You can easily download this software for free on your Windows computer or Mac. After connecting your computer with an active internet connection, you can visit the HP Printer support page to get the software on your device. You may be asked to provide the model number of your printer before starting the downloading process.

HP Printer Assistant software for windows 10

The HP Printer Assistant is also compatible with Windows 10 computers. This software can be easily installed on your computer by visiting the HP Printer support page. Users of HP Printer can install the assistant on their computer to get assistance for their printers. If you are not sure about the process to install the HP Assistant on Windows 10 then you need to refer to the next section given below on this page.

How do I install HP Printer Assistant on Windows 10?

If you are a Windows 10 user then you can get this software by approaching the steps that are given below:

  1. Launch a browser on your Windows 10 computer
  2. Then, type ‘HP Printer support’ in the search bar
  3. Press the ‘Enter’ button to get the results
  4. Find and click on the ‘HP Printer Support site’ link to visit it
  5. Now, you need to find and click on the ‘Download’ option
  6. Then, the HP Printer assistant setup file will be downloaded
  7. Navigate yourself to the location of the setup file
  8. Then, double-click on it and then follow the remaining steps to install it
  9. In the end, find and click on the ‘Finish’ button to complete the process
  10. Finally, you have installed the HP printer assistant on your device

HP Printer Assistant download for Mac

One who is using the Mac and looking to get an HP Printer assistant for it to need to follow the steps that are given below:

  1. Using a browser of your Mac, visit the HP Printer support page
  2. Now, choose the model of your printer and click on the ‘Get Assistant’ button
  3. Wait for a while and let the browser complete the downloading process
  4. Once it finishes the downloading process then you can start the installation process
  5. Locate the setup file on your Mac and double click on it
  6. Then, follow the remaining steps to install assistant on your Mac
  7. Now, you need to check the box next to HP Printers terms of use
  8. Finally, you have completed the installation process

Note: You can use the above-mentioned steps to install the HP Printer Assistant on your Windows 10 computer or Mac for the different printer models like HP 8625 printer, HP 8630 printer, HP 8610, and printer.


To sum up, downloading and installation process of HP Printer assistant is quite easy. For the people who are not sure about this process, we have mentioned the clear steps above on this page. You can fix the HP Printer offline tissue that you are facing with your printer with the help of the HP Printer assistant. If you are struggling with any type of issue with your pioneer then you need to visit the HP support assistant page to start the HP Printer setup process on your computer. We hope that this post has helped you in completing the installation of HP assistant on your Windows 10 computer or Mac.

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