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Fix Canon Printer Won’t Print Issue

Canon introduced its hi-tech PIXMA inkjet printers including models that are best suited for both homes and workplaces. It ranges from single-function printers, all the way to their All-In-One printers offering world-class quality documents and photos with exclusive speed. But sometimes, users and/or consumers experience troubles where the Canon printer won’t print.

Canon Printer Won’t Print

Its printing quality is believed to be stunning. It has easy-to-use built-in software and has enhanced connectivity. Their All-In-One printers offer Wi-Fi connectivity, printing, scanning, and copying features, and accessibility to the cloud. The company offers both wired and wireless printers to best suit you. Let’s discuss problems with these printers and their resolution.

General Troubles Faced

You may find it to be a detailed guide to a very commonly faced obstacle- Why the Canon printer won’t work? You should know that the problems you face have been faced by other people before, and these problems have been solved, too. You may find your printer not printing black without the color, or it might have some problem with wireless printing, or you may find your printers to be offline.

Canon Printer Won’t Print Black Without Color- Resolution Steps

This issue may occur at times of clogged nozzles. Here’s what you can do:

  1. Keep enough A$ sheets in the input tray> Keep the paper output tray and the extension raised> Start cleaning with the “Setup” key on the printer’s operator panel.
  2. Push the “Tools” key> Go to “Maintenance”> Press “OK”> Choose “Deep Cleaning”> Press “OK”.
  3. Let the cleaning process finish> Choose “OK” as the Pattern Print Confirmation dialogue box pops up.

NOTE: It would take somewhere between three to five minutes to complete the cleaning procedure. If you still are unable to solve the issue, make sure that there is enough ink in the black color ink cartridge and resolve the Canon printer won’t print issue.

Ways To Answer- Why Won’t My Canon Printer Print Wirelessly

  1. Begin with restarting your printer, connected system, and the wireless router> Switch your printer on and wait for at least ten seconds.
  2. Try removing the power cable from behind the printer> Switch your systems off> Reinsert the power cable> Switch your system back on.
  3. Detach the cable from your wireless internet connectivity access point> Re-plug it to your network router after at least ten to twenty seconds.


  • Check if the “Canon printer won’t print” issue is fixed by trying to print and use the printer. If not, try clearing the print queue.
  • Make sure the latest driver of the Canon PIXMA printer is launched on the system you are using. If not, uninstall it and then reinstall the same from the company’s official webpage.

Additional Issue and Its Solution

In addition to the above-mentioned issues of “Canon printer won’t print” another one is “Canon printer offline”. There are times when you are prompted with an error message that the printer you are using is offline. This happens when there are issues with internet connectivity. To resolve this, you have to make sure that you have a stable internet connection and within its connection range. If not fixed, make sure to clear the printing jobs put in the queue. Or, remove and reinstall your Canon PIXMA printer to get back online.


The Canon PIXMA printers were launched to provide a world-class printing experience for both homes and businesses. And it has successfully achieved its goal. Even with advanced technology, Canon printers won’t print at times while you use them. Above, are the most common issues that people face while using it and all the answers to troubleshoot these hindrances. Follow the above-mentioned answers and ways, to get back on track of experiencing the best printer services.

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