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A quick fix for Epson printer printing blank pages

Do you want to print something really urgent but your printer is not cooperating with you by printing blank pages? Well, this happens with most of us and not a serious issue until you are not able to get rid of it. Some Epson printers might face technical glitches at times due to which you are supposed to face the issue. However, sometimes due to humanoid errors printer users come across this unexpected issue. So, if you are also someone who has no knowledge about how to make an Epson printer print correctly, then you can refer to this informative guide.

Epson printer printing blank pages

Below, we shall try to have a look at the major factors responsible for this issue and then try to figure out which solution will be most suitable for you to get your printer work again.

Why is my Epson printer printing blank pages?

Below, I have listed the main reasons why your Epson printer is printing blank pages. Some of these reasons are also responsible for the Epson Printer Offline issue:

  • The clogged nozzles of the printer result in this issue
  • Another major reason is empty cartridges
  • Incompatible cartridges also result in this issue
  • You have chosen the incorrect paper size in the print settings
  • The printer driver software installed on your device is causing the issue
  • You have not installed the cartridges properly

Now that we are well aware of the major reasons why your Epson printer is printing blank pages, let us now proceed with the most helpful solutions that would help you in getting rid of the issue without any delay.

Ways to fix Epson printer keeps printing blank pages

Method 1- Clean the clogged nozzles

For this, you need to do the following:

  1. Press the “Home” button on your printer
  2. Choose the “Setup” option
  3. Go to the “maintenance” tab
  4. Under it, choose “check printhead nozzles”
  5. Now, the printer will print a test document
  6. If you see any fault in the printed document, select “clean printhead”

Method 2- Update the printer driver

If your printer drivers are outdated, then this issue will surely trouble you. Make sure you use only the updated printer drivers to avoid any printing errors. Here is how you can get the latest printer drivers on your device:

  1. Go to the official website of Epson
  2. Search for your Epson printer model
  3. Choose it from the results and click “Download”
  4. Wait for the installation

Method 3- Run the printer troubleshooter

In many cases, running the printer troubleshooter has helped many users especially when their printer is printing blank pages. So, here is how you can run the troubleshooter to get rid of the printing issue and to fix the Epson Printer not printing error:

  1. Click on the “Settings” icon of your device to open the Settings menu
  2. Here, choose the “Update and Security” option
  3. Followed by this, select “Troubleshoot”
  4. This option is available in the left pane
  5. On the right page, you need to click on the printer
  6. Then, run the troubleshooter to see if the issue is fixed


These were a few tried and tested solutions that have helped users to fix the Epson printer printing blank pages issue. If the solutions listed here in this post are not able to get you out of this troublesome situation, then you should restart both your printer as well as the computer. Also, you should check if you have installed the cartridges properly or not. If you have, then you may check the ink level of those cartridges, make sure to use only genuine and compatible cartridges with your printer to avoid facing any such issue in the future.

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