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How do I fix the Samsung Printer Printing Problems?

Nowadays Samsung Printers are being used by so many people. Few Samsung Printer users are complaining that they are facing printing issues when they are trying to print paper using their printers. If you have a Samsung Printer and facing trouble printing using it then you are on the right page. Today we are going to talk about several Samsung Printer printing issues and what would be the proper solutions to fix these issues. Samsung Printer troubleshooting process can be done easily and quickly by implementing the tactics that we have mentioned in this post.

Samsung Printer Printing Problems

Your Samsung Printer may deny printing a paper due to several factors such as no WiFi connection issue, outdated drivers issue, paper jammed or no paper in the main tray, cartridges empty issues, loosened cable connection, or print jobs stuck in queue issue. The solutions that we have mentioned in this post are also applicable for the printer models such as Samsung M283x Printer, Samsung ML-2160 Printer. Let’s move forward to discuss the ways to fix the Samsung Printers printing problem.

Ways for Samsung Printer Diagnostics

The ways to fix Samsung Printer problems are not so difficult. You need to approach each solution one by one that we have mentioned below for Samsung Printer troubleshooting.

Way 1: Check the Cables Connection status

  • Check the ends of cables whether they are tightened or not
  • If you find there is any damaged cable then replace it with the new one
  • Check that the power cord is connected properly to the AC power outlet
  • Also, check that the power cord is connected to the back of your printer

Way 2: Check if any paper is jammed or no paper in the main tray

  • Look at the main paper tray, if you find that there is no paper in the tray then put some papers to start printing work
  • Make sure that you are using papers of standard sizes
  • Check that if any paper is jammed in your printer then you need to remove it

Way 3: Look for the ink levels of Cartridges

If the cartridges are empty in your printer then you may not be able to print using your printer. You can check the ink levels of cartridges manually or by visiting the inkjet page on which you have registered your Samsung Printer.     

Way 4: Check the WiFi Network connection

If the WiFi network connection is not enabled on your printer then you need to approach the steps to establish the connection between your router and printer.

  1. On the control panel of your Samsung Printer, find the ‘Wireless’ Button and tap on it
  2. Now, find the ‘Network’ option and tap on it
  3. Visit the ‘Wireless Setup Wizard’ option
  4. Find the ‘Available Networks’ option and tap on it
  5. Make sure that your router is turned on
  6. Now, find the address of your router and tap on it
  7. Then, fill in the passcode key of your router in the corresponding field
  8. Wait for a while and let the printer establish a connection with your router

Way 5: Update the Printer Drivers

Outdated or corrupted printer drivers may create an offline issue on your Samsung Printer. So, check that you are using the latest version of printer drivers or not. To update the printer drivers on your Windows or Mac you need to approach the steps that are given below.

  1. Using a browser of your device, visit the Samsung Printers Support page
  2. Now, on this page find the ‘Printers and Drivers’ section and tap on it
  3. Look for the ‘Download’ button and tap on it
  4. Wait for a while and let your device complete the installation process
  5. Take a print test to check whether the issues have been fixed or not
  6. Finally, you have completed the steps for Samsung Printers troubleshooting


To sum up, fix the Samsung Printers printing problems and start printing using it. The easy and quick ways for the Samsung Printer troubleshooting are introduced in this post. All you need to do is, approach the above-mentioned solutions to fix the printing issues with your Samsung Printer. To avoid the Samsung Printer offline issues on your Samsung Printer you need to keep your printer drivers up to date. Always check the status of the WiFi network connection on your Samsung Printer before your start printing work. Hopefully, you have learned about the ways to fix Samsung Printer problems.

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