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How to fix an unresponsive Canon Printer?

One of the major causes behind most of the printing issues is that the printer you are using is not properly connected to your device. A similar thing happens when your Canon Printer eventually becomes unresponsive. In most cases, the Canon printer not responding issue is one of the outcomes of the failure in connectivity between your printer and the device with which it is connected.

canon printer not responding

So, if you are also experiencing one such issue with your printer, then you might want to get this issue fixed to avoid any delay in your printing work. Since there are a number of Canon Printer users, therefore there are many others like you who might be coming up with the same issue with their printing devices.

Thus, in the sections below, we shall try to uncover a few important facts about this issue followed by discussing the ways to fix the issue.

Why is my canon printer not responding?

When you tap on the “Print” option to give a print command to your Canon Printer and you eventually do not get a printout but nothing. So, in that case, knowing the responsible factors beforehand would help you understand the situation in a much better way.

  • The Canon printer offline error usually shows when you haven’t powered on the printer or it is not connected to the power source
  • Your printer is not in a ready state
  • The cables that you are using to connect are either damaged or incompatible
  • The USB port of your printer is no longer working
  • Your router is not giving appropriate network coverage

Ways to fix the issue

When your Canon printer won’t print or becomes unresponsive, try the solutions listed below:

  • You should install the latest Canon Printer drivers on your PC
  • If you see the canon printer not responding even after installing the fresh printer drivers, then you should restart your printer, PC, and your router
  • Try to check the printer configuration setting and ensure if it is set as default or not
  • If that too doesn’t help, then you should update the operating system of your PC
  • Try plugging in the connectivity USB cord to another port
  • Check if any antivirus or firewall is not restricting programs to run on your device


By trying the solutions that I have mentioned in this article, you will eventually be able to fix the canon printer not responding issue. If the issue still bothers you, then you must get the printer checked at the verified service center and find out the cause of the issue and get it fixed urgently.

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