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Methods to resolve Google cloud print printer offline issue

With the cloud print service developed by Google, you can print from anywhere remotely. To avail this service, all you need to do is use a device that you have connected to the web and then connect it to the cloud-connected printer. This service is not only reliable but is secure as well. However, despite offering so many amazing services, your Google cloud print printer might show offline. Whenever you see that your Google cloud print says printer is offline, then you must try to know the reason behind it.

Google cloud print printer offline

Causes why Google cloud print printer not showing up?

Most of the time, when your web-connected device and Google cloud-connected printer face a communication breakdown, then you are sure to face this issue. Also, if your printer is not connected properly to the power source or it is not receiving internet connectivity, then you may come across this issue. Apart from this, some misconfigurations in the Google Cloud Print set up could also be the cause. In case you are using a printer that is not compatible with could printing or you have not updated the firmware of your printer, then this issue is sure to arise.

Different methods to fix Google Cloud Print printer offline

No matter what is responsible for this issue, you may try the methods given below to fix the issue:

Sol. 1- The first thing you need to do is verify that your printer is turned on. Although this might seem simple to you it is quite important to check that everything is in its place.

Sol. 2- After you verify that your printer is powered on, you may try restarting the printer after turning it off and unplugging and re-plugging the cables attached to it.

Sol. 3- After this, the next thing to do is ensure that the printer is set up with Google Cloud Print. If it is not, then you should try to set it up again.

Sol. 4- once you verify the above-mentioned things, you need to see if your printer is connected to a good network or not. Since your printer needs to be connected to a proper internet connection for cloud printing, therefore you need to re-establish the connection and see if it works.

Sol. 5- apart from this, you need to check if the desktop you are using for giving the print command is receiving a proper network. Try re-establishing the internet connection on your desktop.

Sol. 6- the next thing you can try is to see if you have signed in to the correct Google account or not. You need to verify these details in your printer as well as desktop.

Sol. 7- if you have installed several printers on your desktop, then you have to verify that you are sending the print command to the Google Cloud Printer and not any other printer.

Sol. 8- if your printer is in offline mode, then you must get your printer back online. For this, you need to make the necessary changes in your printer’s settings.

Sol. 9- in addition to the aforementioned steps, you can also try updating the firmware of your printer because an outdated firmware restricts you to print from any device.

Sol. 10- if the Google cloud print printer offline error still appears on your screen, then you must delete the Google Cloud Print printer and reconnect it. After setting it up again, try to print again and see if the issue is resolved.

If you are still seeing the same error, you must go to the Help page of Google Cloud Print and look for the related solutions.


  1. How to add a printer to Google cloud print?

  • Click on the Chrome menu available in the browser’s toolbar.
  • Tap ‘Settings’ > ‘Show Advanced Settings.’
  • Select ‘Google Cloud Print’ and tap ‘Add Printers.’
  • Now, sign in with your Google account.
  • Select ‘Add printer(s)’ and your Cloud printer is now enabled.
  1. What can I use instead of Google Cloud Print?

The best Google Cloud alternatives include the G Suite Admin console, Chromebook printer, directprint.io, PaperCut.com, Staples, FedEx, UPS, or the local library. In addition to this, you can also use LRS Enterprise Output Management or uniFLOW.

  1. How do I print without Google cloud?

If you do not want to use Google Cloud Print, you can use its alternatives or try to print from a printer that is not cloud-ready. For this, you need to first remove the Google Cloud printer from your device and then add a printer of your choice. Apart from this, you can also try to print from your Android or the tablet you are using.

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